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Ceramic Eggs

(This item is non-returnable, please be sure to order correctly)

Hand Crafted in sizes from Lovebird through large Macaw

Excellent for use in nests where pairs destroy eggs.  Finished with non-toxic food safe glaze.  They look like the real thing even hold body heat, similar in weight too.    (Specify Species)

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State size of egg or breed of bird when ordering.

IN STOCK Catalog# Size   Price  
21  EGG2 # 2 Parrolet, Lovebird

$ 6.99 each 

EGG3 # 3 Cockatiel 6.99 each   
00  EGG4 # 4 Quaker, Sun Conure, Peach Front Conure 7.49 each   
5 EGG5 # 5 Blue Crown Conure, Mini Macaw, Senegal, Meyer 7.49 each   
11 EGG6 # 6 Yellow Collar Macaw, Jardine, Goffin, Blue Head Pionus 7.49 each   
10 EGG7 # 7 Small Amazon, Timmeh Grey, Bare-eye Cockatoo, Sm Eclectus, Rose Breasted Cockatoo 7.99 each   
9 EGG8 # 8 Lg Eclectus, Blue Front Amazon, Congo Grey, Umbrella Cockatoo 7.99 each   
9 EGG9 # 9 B & G Macaw, Scarlett Macaw, Yellow Nape, Moluccan Cockatoo 7.99 each   
23 EGG10 # 10 Greenwing & Hyacinths Macaws 8.49 each   

(This item is non-returnable, please be sure to order correctly)

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