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African Grey Forums

(Message Board for African Grey Owners)

Agricultural Employment

(Shire Consulting, a leading job consultancy firm in UK, offers services to people involved in agricultural manufacturing & food chain processing industry.)

(We specialize in livestock equipment for the profitable farm. That means our products will make your operation more productive, saving you time and money.)

(Showcasing the top animal sites on the web)

Avian Incubation Management System

(Avian stock and incubation management program for the PC.  Used my major breeders and institutions worldwide.  Endorsed by London Zoo.)

Avian Network

(SOAR THE WEB at your personal "connection" to the best avian breeders, suppliers and avian information for all species of pet birds including parrots and softbills.)

Aviary Supply

("Hagen Tropican" & "Goldenfeast"  products)

Baby Birds Directory & Classifieds

(Free Classified ads (with photos!)  Free Directory Listings.  The place to go to find, buy or sell.)

Beak Appetit

(Our nutritious bird food is human quality and recommended by Avian Veterinarians.)

Beaver Creek Aviary

(We try to provide the pet community with nutritional products that we have been using for many years)

Bird Breeding Cages

(Bird Cages by Safeguard Products is the equipment your birds need!  Constructed of galvanized wire, these bird cages are durable and make perfect homes for your birds.  Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any bird from Finches to Parakeets to Amazons and more.)

Bird Feeder Tips & Information

(The best ways to attract birds to your garden is with a feeder!)

Bird Hot Line

(Our goal is to reunite lost birds with their families, and with our heartwarming Bird Stories increase the public's awareness of the wonder of birds—these loving, warm, caring, intelligent little beings with wings.)

Bird Zerk

(A clear acrylic recycling birdfeeder for finches to
macaws. No more sweeping food off the floor and throwing dollars into the trash)

Birding in the Caribbean

(The Caribbean is considered to be a hot spot for observation, as it contains nearly 600 bird soecies, 150 of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.)

Birds, etc.

(Home of the Bird Butler and premium nest boxes.)

Birds Now

(Classified listing of birds for sale.  Search by breed, age, location and more)

Camp Bow-Wow

(Dog Boarding, Pet Boarding - Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camps provide a fun, safe and upscale method of dog boarding..)

Complete Guide to Bird-Watching From Your Window

(Bird Watching Information Article)

Cuttlebone Plus

(Manufacturer of Avico Lory & Softbill Diets)


(Your Home For Global Parrot Networking)

(All of my baby birds are raised with loving care for you. We emphasize keeping our baby birds well-socialized, happy and healthy to ensure that you receive the best possible pet bird for your loving home.)

Feather Fantasy

(Feather Fantasy is the largest supplier on the west coast of hard-to-find items)

Flea Control

( is your best resource for flea control products which helps you to prevent your cats and dogs from flea infestation.)

Jacksonville Pet Supplies, Grooming, Veterinarian & Pet Care Services

(Total Pet Complex offers a wide variety of pet supplies and pet care services like pet grooming, pet boarding in Jacksonville, Florida. Total Pet Complex is your one stop shop for all of your needs)


(Contains popular bird discussion forums, an extremely large bird related website directory, informative bird articles & industry news, and more...)

Ohio Bird Fairs

(Information on Marti's Ohio bird fairs through out the state)

Only Pet Supplies

(Your pet is our number 1 concern. We have anything and everything for your pet. Excellent Prices and Excellent customer service)

Parrot Cages UK - Specialists In Bird Cages

(We are specialists in quality small and large Parrot Cages and bird cages including playstands.)

Parrot Parrot

(Parrot-Parrot is a site dedicated to the smaller parrots such as lovebirds (Agapornis species) and budgies (parakeets), but it is also an excellent resource for information on ALL birds and parrots.  Our pages on avian health, nutrition, toxin and dangerous toy alerts will help make you a better parrot parent.)

Parrot Science. COM

(Parrot Science is committed to providing quality information about your pet parrot by approaching problems with a 'wild bird living in your home' perspective.)

Parrots of the World

(Parrots of  the World is an oasis for information-starved pet lovers of all
types where practical advice, tips and info on purchasing a pet from us are
available right at your fingertips.)

Parrots Paradise

(Welcome To Parrots Paradise links to other site's classified parrots, lost & found, macaws, cockatoos, parrots, guest book and more.)

Pet Books

(The best source for your Pet Books)

Pet Owner Blog

(Advice On Pet Obedience.  Find accessories for your pets: guinea pig cages, dog baskets, dog houses, dog  beds, dog collar IDs and pet collars.)

Pet Parrots

(Cockatiels, Macaws, Parakeets, Budgies, Conures, Cockatoos - A comprehensive guide on all species of parrots, how to take care of them and how to train parrots.)

1-800-Pet Shed

(Manage Dog Shedding.  1-800-Pet Shed Blog helps you choose the best dog or kitten names, rat cages, dog baskets, dog houses, horse beds, collar IDs and dog toys.)

Pretty Parrots

(Message boards, discount parrot supplies, avian knowledge center, & more.)


(PetPlace offers puppies information and puppies training tips in its comprehensive puppies area)

Rocky Mountain Persians

(Persian Cats & kittens breeder in Colorado. CFA Registered Persian cats and Persian kittens for sale.)

Rob Harvey Zoological Supplies

(Specialists foods and products for zoos, aviculturists and exotic pet keepers - UK)

Teresa's Birds

(Macaws, Quaker Parrot and Cockatiels In Nevada & Supplies)

The Parrot Pages

(The best Pet Bird owner is an informed owner.  The Parrot Pages are here to provide information and a home for avian products, services, breeders, clubs, and organizations. 

The Pet Medicine Chest

(Are you ready to learn how herbs can bring your pet to health?   You have just discovered the premiere site on the internet that is willing to teach you how to keep your beloved pet healthy using hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge of the benefits of herbal remedies for small animals.)

The Poultry Connection

(Promoting Standard Bred Poultry)

The World Parrot Trust

(With thousands of members in over 50 countries, our branches work to achieve the stated aims of the World Parrot Trust, which are:  The survival of parrot species in the wild, and the welfare of captive birds everywhere.)

(A Non-Profit Organization Supporting "Echo's Haven" Sanctuary, and other Bird-Related Charities)

(Have your own FREE bird website at

Tropical Birds Forum

(Bird Training: Know all that you always wanted to know about tropical birds, birding, their feeding, nest boxes and get tips on their identification too..)

Understanding Dog Aggressive Behavior

(Dog training tips to train your aggressive dogs and understand dogs Behavior problems like dog barking , Jumping, digging, whining, biting etc and their solution to stop dog aggression.)

Vetafarm Products

(Vetafarm has now grown to be Australia's primary avian health care company and the product range has grown to include over 250 products for many species of animals, from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, animal foods, veterinary equipment and diagnostic kits.)

Your Lucky Parrot

(Manufacturer of: Busy Beaks Playgym & Lovin' Feathers Bird Toys)

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